Headwrap - Thailand - Mesh Hoodie - Ivy Park - Skirt - Bershka 
Puffer Jacket - Primark - Trainers - H&M - Earrings - H&M

Something a little different on the blog today! I met with the lovely Fatou - who grams at theafrounicorn last week for a shoot. We took pictures of each other and then jumped in front of the camera for a joint shot (as you can tell we had a whale of a time :P). It was such a fun and unique experience! I must say we did a damn good job at taking photo's too (may have to start taking bookings soon!) 

I absolutely love collaborating - whether that be with bloggers, photographers, designers etc. 
I love meeting new people and it's so inspiring to be surrounded by creatives. You're really able to share ideas and bounce off each other and I can guarantee you, you'll probably learn something new about your craft or theirs! 

I remember a couple of years back I used to be so scared about meeting new people within the creative field, so many thoughts would race through my head. Will they like me? What if they think I'm weird? I haven't been blogging for that long, what if they think that's a hinderance? I literally had to tell myself to shut up and realised that I was being so silly! Every creative has started from somewhere and as I said before the beauty about meeting creative people is you will probably learn something new. So if you have been given the opportunity to collaborate or you want to reach out to new people, just do it! 

What's your favourite thing about meeting new people? 
1 comment on "COLLABORATION "
  1. The last pic is epic!

    I know what you mean about meeting new people, I get huge anxiety and I hate starting a conversation of a fear of being rejected but you soon realise everyone pretty much feels the same as you!