Philberta Jumper - REISS  - Leather Biker Trousers - Zara 
 Chelsea Boots - Forever 21 Silver Hoop Earrings - Primark (Similar - ASOS)

Photography - Iona Macleod

It's not as if I haven't mentioned it about 1,000 times already but I'm just going to say it again - I am an absolute sucker for a turtle neck. Such a timeless piece that you can style with pretty much anything every winter. 

I thought I had met my perfect match in a jumper before but that all changed when I came across this particular one from REISS. One after one, each of us in the REISS office purchased the beautiful Philberta jumper and safe to say it's become a hit. I think the beautiful frost grey colour compliments the darker tones in this outfit and although a simple piece, it definitely makes a statement. 

These faux leather trousers from Zara elevate the look even further, I feel. Leather can take anything from basic to a statement in a heartbeat and that's what I love about these trousers.  Probably hard to believe but these are the first leather trousers I have purchased and most definitely won't be my last. I added my trusty chelsea boots from Forever 21 to add a bit more edge to the look, again another timeless item that is an absolute must in every wardrobe, shoe rack, basically wherever you keep your shoes. 

What's currently in your wardrobe that you can't get enough of? 
4 comments on "FROST GREY"
  1. You look stunning and that turtleneck is a beauty! x

  2. You look amazing ! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much LaToya! Have a great day too 💫