Figuring things out...

So I've been gone for a VERY long time. I have no idea where the time has gone, one minute I was preparing for summer the next minute I'm dragging my turtlenecks out the closet again for winter. I guess the last couple of months has really been a time of reflection for me. 

As humans I think we can be so hard on ourselves and I've learnt this so much recently. It's so easy to compare yourself to the next person, which ultimately leads to doubt and anxiety and like the old saying goes - comparison is the thief of joy. It's something I'm trying to master but as someone who over thinks, I can't lie it's bloody difficult. We are in a society where young people are accomplishing all that is possible, whether it's regarding a career, relationship and so on. 

If I've learnt one thing, it's that I've wasted SO much time worrying and fretting about what other people have thought about me, picking at my faults - when what I should've done was uplift myself, simply because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is how I view myself and not how others do. I've ruined many experiences by being so critical and negative, rather than actually congratulating my achievements. 

I'm here to tell you that no matter where you are in life, what position you're in; keep developing yourself in every way possible, only for you though, not for the satisfaction of anyone else. Being a people - pleaser and seeking approval will leave you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled - I've really learnt that the hard way. 

Before this post goes off on a tangent, I want to say that ultimately I am trying to heal myself and actually speak about all my concerns instead of holding them in all of the time. It's such a vulnerable space to be in but whatever, this is me. We all have different setbacks in life but ultimately we should always pat ourselves on the back and most importantly, be kind to ourselves. 

Life and death is in the power of the tongue, so speak life because you only get one. 
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