Lost in the Archives I

Sometimes I just want to be comfortable, plain and simple. Not sure why but my wardrobe always associates comfortable with an androgynous look. 
To add a feminine touch to my outfit I opted for a turban that I purchased from H&M years ago. Just a side note, no one actually needs to know that I was having a REALLY bad hair day. That is why friends you need to have a turban in your wardrobe, closet, draw or wherever you want to keep it, just make sure it's there. 

I had been looking for a different kind of denim jacket for the longest time and was so happy when I picked up this jacket from a sample sale at work for £2 would you believe?! I'm such a bargain hunter and trust me you can always find one if you look hard enough. 

The accessories for the day had to be my trusty hoops, which never disappoint and my 'glasses'. I wish I could say I'm wearing my actual glasses but unfortunately they make me look googly eyed, so these fake ones will do for now. 

What outfit makes you feel comfortable? 
2 comments on "Lost in the Archives I"
  1. Gorgeous look <3 Love the jacket, what a bargain! x

    1. Such a bargain! Thank you dear 🌺🌸 X