Once a month I want to share a new element to my blog that I like to call Through my Lens

This stems from my love of taking photo's - pretty much of anything to be honest, people, places, landmarks etc. Call me the awkward one who gets her iPhone out at the most random times just to get that shot - then becomes an introvert for about 15 minutes to vigorously edit images on VSCO. 

To start off I thought I would share something that's very familiar to me and that is transport. The tube & bus are pretty much my life because Alisha can't drive. 
Even though it can have it's down sides, I think London transport has so much character - from stations, to the vehicles and of course the different types of people you come across. 

What's your favourite thing about London transport? 
1 comment on "Transport"
  1. I can certainly relate to the introvert for 15mins part. Lol
    These are dope shots though! Love it