Review - The Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Line

I have been fully natural for about two years now and within this time I have tried out SO many different hair products - advertising & marketing will snatch you, it's real!

One hair brand that I always seem to go back to is Shea Moisture. They are my curly hair OG's  and in my opinion have amazing hair products for pretty much every curly hair type.

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Restore Leave-In Conditioner (£12.99) is an essential product in my wash & go routine. It's great because it can work on it's own or combined with other products - I did however find that when used alone my curl definition wasn't at it's best but the moisture was 100% there, which is a really big element for me.

 It has Peppermint, Shea Butter & Keratin - which combined are VERY beneficial. This leave in has a hell of a lot of slip - I was able to finger comb my hair without any tangles.  A little goes a long way with this product - this may vary for you of course but I tend to use about two hand scoops on my whole head which is perfectly enough for me.
I will say one thing if you are near any white objects/items when applying please be careful - the consistency of this product is quite thin and runny, meaning it will go everywhere.

The Strengthen Grow & Restore Styling Lotion (£6.50) to me is like a big sister of the leave in conditioner. Say hello to popping curls because this is exactly what I achieved with this product. If you have never used a styling lotion, I would definitely check it out as I noticed a major difference in my hair.

If you have dry or damaged hair I would most certainly reach for this product. The ingredients alone are enough to nourish your hair - Castor Oil based, Shea Butter and Keratin (basically all the goodies).

Which Shea Moisture products do you gravitate to?

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  1. Great review Alisha. I really want to try the JBCO products but I haven't yet as I thought they might be a bit too heavy. The consistency you described sounds like they might actually be a good match for my hair. I really love the Coconut & Hibiscus and the Superfruit line most x