Protective Styling - Box Braids

I've always been one to experiment with my hair, simply because I get so bored easily. Protective styles are great if you're like me as it allows you to change up your look without damaging your hair. 

But don't let the phrase 'protective styling' fool you - a lot of people think that you can get away with not taking care of your hair but PLEASE don't make this mistake! The consequences of neglecting hair can range from matting, fall out and damaged broken hair. Give your beautiful strands attention and trust me they will thank you for this. 

One of my favourite protective styles is box braids - they are chic, sassy and so versatile and are available in SO many colours! 

I've learnt many things through trying out different protective styles and here are my 4 top tips for maintaining box braids - I am in no way an expert these are just things that have helped me and I hope they can help you too! 

Braids are known to be very heavy and your edges can really be affected by this. Your hairline can be the weakest part of your hair and if constantly pulled and tugged you will leave your hair no choice and it will start to break off as well as become extremely thin. As a young girl I always had to wear my hair in cornrows - can I get an amen if you've experienced hair dressers who would grip your scalp so hard just to get that style looking sleek?  (I left crying every time

Little did I know back then that this would make my hairline thinner each and overtime without fail. This experience has taught me to always ask my hair dresser to leave out enough hair at the front, enabling you to pay special attention to the most fragile parts - don't want your edges snatching off boo and who doesn't love cute baby hairs anyway?

A lot of people think you can't wash your hair in braids but I'm here to say you can. Yes, washing box braids can cause frizz but I would rather have this than dirt and dandruff, ain't nobody got time for that!
Hair gets dirty, it's inevitable - even worse when it's left alone. I find it essential to wash my hair when in box braids as product build up occurs a lot faster in this style and it is therefore crucial for that dirt to be removed. I usually wash my hair at about the two week mark, this may have vary for you! Simply dilute a stimulating shampoo - preferably peppermint as this is perfect for your scalp then use your favourite conditioner afterwards and rinse thoroughly. 

It is vital to keep your hair and scalp moisturised whilst rocking braids. Stopping this will cause flakes which never look nice and are extremely hard to get out of your hair in this particular style. 

Through my own research I created the perfection concoction and routine. All you will need is a spray bottle, your favourite conditioner & whichever oil you prefer. Simply mix the water & conditioner (equal parts) and spray this directly onto your scalp. You can also massage the product in with the tips of your fingers, this feels amazing and will also most definietly stimulate blood circulation which = hair growth. I like to also spray the length of my hair lightly, which of course helps to moisturise. Once this step is complete simply add a penny size amount of oil to your hands and finger comp through your braids, paying close attention to your own hair. 

Once you're comfortable with a protective style it can be easy to want to leave it in forever. Don't make this silly mistake just because you love your braids. Leaving any protective style in for too long can cause hair matting, which occurs from dirt and product build up - it's EXTREMELY hard to get out besides you need to let your hair breathe! Many people have had to cut off their hair because of matting, let's be real, who wants to do that? I keep my braids in for two months maximum - by this point my hair is normally done and ready for a wash.

Which protective styles do you like to rock? 
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