Review - Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex (Collab)

So this is my first ever collaboration on my blog. I've teamed up with the lovely Lesley from Fresh Lengths! 
We're going to be reviewing the Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System products from the Shea Moisture line. Make sure you check out Lesley's page here to see her thoughts on the conditioner & masque. If you would like to hear my thoughts on the shampoo then have a little read below. 

Now I don't about you, but in the past I have found it extremely hard to find a shampoo that actually leaves
my hair feeling moisturised. Believe it or not this product does just that! 
This shampoo is perfect as it has so many benefits including hydration, nourishment, manageability and it is suited for all hair types. 
Plus it smells like heaven, if you love the smell of sweets then you're going to adore this shampoo! 

If you're like me and you suffer from thinner or fine hair strands then I would grab this. It contains one important ingredient, Biotin, which will play an important role in strengthening your hair. Constantly dreaming of a fuller fro? Stick with this beauty and you will see just that. 

Depending on your wash routine, I would recommend using this product every 1-2 weeks, followed up with a conditioner. Be sure to click the link above if you want to try out this shampoo! 
If you want to hear more about the other products from this line, then head over to Lesley's blog!

Which product will be your favourite from this lovely line...? 
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