What I wore. Festival Edition.

Festivals are in full swing and what better way to turn up and make a statement with your outfit?
Now I know you might be thinking, girl why the hell would you wear white to a festival? Well, I'm going to warn you now you're definitely going to have to take precaution. There are going to be people who will push, fall into you and occasionally just spill their alcohol everywhere, (but mostly on you).
Let me give you a little flashback from wireless festival last weekend...one cocktail jug and one white dress...luckily for me the drink didn't stain my dress, or maybe I just didn't notice. The main thing is my dress is still white! But aside from all of this you're going to be gleaming in the sun, and looking fabulous while you groove to those tunes.

Anyway enough blabbing from me...the main point that I want to get across, is that this dress is perfect for festivals. It's free, floaty and just stunning. I love the details on this dress. I feel like I've stepped in a time machine back to the 70's. If you love the boho/hippy look, this dime is perfect for you! I paired the dress with a stylish bikini top and my trusty docs. Carefree and breezy...my perfect festival outfit!

What's yours? 

Bikini Top - H&M 

Earrings - Topshop 

2 comments on "What I wore. Festival Edition. "
  1. A white dress is definitely a brave choice but a gorgeous one too! Love the detail on the bell shaped sleeves, and love the pairing of the docs with the outfit too! Have you been/are you going to any festivals this year? I totally regret not going Wireless! - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you very much Lavinya :) Such a sweet comment! I've been to two so far. Wireless & British Summer Time. Are you going to any m'dear? You totally should! x