Review - Curls Whipped Cream

I've wanted to try out Curls products for absolutely ages! They were always popping up on my Instagram and Youtube. On top of that, my favourite hair gurus were providing such great reviews on the products, that I knew I just had to give it a try!

Dealing with the mane has turned me into a bit of a product junkie, and I'm sure some of you can relate to this. You want to try absolutely everything and until the day comes when you find that heaven sent product, you're going to keep grabbing anything you can get your hands on!

Scrolling through my local hair shop, I'm sure you can imagine how happy I was when I saw the name Curls on the shelf. Rather than grabbing every product, I thought I would take a logical approach. I asked myself the question : What is actually going to benefit your hair? I would advise you to ask yourself this every time you get the urge to go on a product splurge. It's going to benefit your purse, and most importantly you hair!

Curls Whipped Cream - £6.99 (Afro - Caribbean Hair Shop) 

Whipped Cream caught my attention straight away. I wanted to try out a product, that would allow my wash and go's to last those extra couple of days. Most importantly providing my hair with curl definition and moisture! 

The smell of this beauty is just incredible! If vanilla is your cup of tea, then this is the one for you. The product has a thick texture as it is a heavy curl cream, which I absolutely love. Whipped Cream provides me with the best curl definition I have seen to this date. I've received a ton of compliments, and even had people ask me what I've put in my hair. Another great thing about this curl cream is the fact that you only have to apply it once every three days! 

Overall I think this product is great. It's thick, creamy and will leave your hair smelling glorious for days! 

Why not give it a try? 

2 comments on "Review - Curls Whipped Cream "
  1. does it flakes? my hair dont work well with flaky products :/


    1. No it actually doesn't! I've had that problem with so many products before, but this one hasn't flaked at all :)