Baby won't you walk my way

 Over the month of June I've purchased a few new pairs of shoes. Blame Topshop's sale, that's all I'm saying! I've never really been a shoe kind of girl, but recently that has all changed. They say shoes make everything better and I can 100% say that I walked out a happier woman.

Finley Strappy Sandals  - Topshop £25.00

I absolutely love these sandals because they aren't like your normal gladiator sandals, they have a small heel and in my opinion are 100% cooler! I was looking for a white pair of gladiators for a while, which is one of the reasons why I purchased them. The other happens to be because they are just so beautiful. Of course if I had them in white I had to have them in black, right? 

I've always been quite skeptical about jelly shoes. Don't get me wrong I loved wearing them as a kid, but when they were re introduced a couple of years ago, I just didn't like how they were designed. 
These Juju Jelly's are perfect because they are quite different to the normal jelly's, they can be paired with so many different things. Another plus, they're the most comfortable I have ever worn! 

Pointy Nude / Pink Flats - Topshop £35.00

My obsession with buying pink things started last year. I've never really seen myself as a girly girl, but I don't know what it is about pink. I love the gold and wooden detail on these shoes, they are so sassy it's unreal! When I saw them I just knew they had to be mine! They're perfect to wear with a white shirt or jeans. So simple but yet so striking, you're sure to be complimented! 

Topshop's sale is currently still available online. So if you see something you like, head right over there. After all shoes are a girls best friend! 

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