Lush X Oxford Street

Lush's new flagship store on Oxford Street have officially opened their doors this week. As a lover of Lush I knew I had to take a look and that's exactly what I did on my lunch break. To say the store is breathtaking is an understatement! As soon as you walk through the doors you can clearly see the time and thought that has gone into taking this particular store to the next level.

As I only had a limited amount of time, I focused on my favourite part of the store which consisted of makeup, haircare and skincare. The makeup displays were so adorable and I loved the mirror that they had on display which said #selfie, such a cute detail! Moving onto skincare I honestly believe that the soap bars belonged to the BFG! They were huge!

I also bumped into a familiar face, the ever so helpful Yusuf! My friend and I had received such great customer service from him in a previous Lush store, so it was only right to give him a mention.

Lush have definitely pushed the boundaries and I can't wait to have more time to visit the store. As boy I have a lot more to look at! If you're thinking of heading to the store I would recommend making sure you have time on your hands. Enjoy the beauty that Lush has to offer because I can assure you, you're going to be mesmerised! Words truly can't describe the store, so I will let my pictures speak for themselves, enjoy!

2 comments on "Lush X Oxford Street "
  1. Love this post so much!!! Lush are amazingg,need to go back there sometime to check out all the new stuff,any recommendations? xoxo


  2. Aw you're so sweet! If you're looking for a highlight defo check out charisma :) For a skin cleanser try out Dark Angels, it's amazing! x