April Skincare Faves

Over the month of April I noticed that I purchased a lot of skincare products, which is quite unusual for me. As someone who rarely breaks out (touch wood) I don't normally focus on my skin. This month I thought I would test out a few products and I have to say they've got my vote! 

I have very dry skin and this is the only cream I've used that actually gets rid of it. Let's say I definitely raised my hands up high when I discovered this! It contains argan oil and chamomile, which combined leave your skin feeling so soft and smelling glorious! It's also lightweight and doesn't clog up your pores, which for me is always a no no. This cream retails at £5.35, but for a limited time Superdrug are offering more than 50% off on selected Nivea products so you can get it for £2.66! 

I don't know about you but I can't stand greasy sun creams that leave your skin feeling oily and ashy. Powdered sunshine is great as it mattify's your face and doesn't even feel like sunscreen! As summer is soon approaching it's so important to protect your skin, this bad boy has an spf of 15! This product retails for £6.95 at Lush. 

I'm so lazy sometimes when it comes to washing my face and luckily this has never really gone against me (fingers crossed). I wanted to try a cleanser that really made my skin feel clean and this product right here does just that! It contains black sugar, charcoal and rhassoal mud, now I know when I hear this I immediately think deep cleanse and that's exactly what you get after using this product. Head down to Lush and grab this cleanser for only £6.75! 

As mentioned before sometimes I neglect my skin on wash days, so because of this I knew I needed to introduce a cleanser and toner to my skincare routine. Both products combined are great for removing the dirt and makeup that your makeup wipes just can't reach. I promise you that cotton pad will cause some shock when you see how much dirt is still left on your face! I grabbed both products at Superdrug for only £3.15 each. 

What products left your skin feeling sassy in April? 

3 comments on "April Skincare Faves"
  1. love lush, definitely going to check those out!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Glad I could help :) Love your blog Danielle!

  2. I love lush, I need to try these particular products out!