5 tips for the curly haired gal

If you have curly hair you know it's like having a full time job, the time and work that goes into
maintaining the fro is ridiculous! 
As every curly hair is different and unique in it's own way obviously it requires different things. But there are a number of basic things that are vital to know when dealing with curly hair, and of course you want to keep your mane looking gorgeous!

I've gathered up some tips that I have learnt on my hair journey that I think may help you. 

1. Water, water, water!

I can't say it enough! Your curly hair loves this stuff as it is mostly prone to dryness. If your locks are dry and brittle you need to drink water and spray it on your locks! Don't forget to boil the water before applying it to your hair, the harsh minerals found in water can also be damaging for your curly hair. 

2. Oil

This is great for mixing with water as...wait for it...oil doesn't mix with water! This stuff will keep that moisture locked right in, simply add a little bit of your favourite oil to your spray bottle of water and spritz it on your hair. Also great for applying before a conditioner! 

3. Sulphate free shampoo's 

Ever felt that squeaky clean feeling after you've washed your hair? Well that's what sulphates do. Your hair naturally produces oil that for curly hair, really can't afford to be stripped. Sulphate free shampoo's allow your hair to be cleaned whilst keeping the essential oils you need. 

4. Deep Conditioning 

Simply leave your favourite conditioner on your head for about 30 minutes or even up to an hour. Your hair will benefit so much from this and will feel amazing! For extra moisture wrap your hair in cling film after applying conditioner. 

5. Good ol fingers 

Now this step might not be for everyone but finger detangling is so much better than using a brush or comb that will simply just tug and break your curls. Add some of your favourite moisturiser to the palm of your hand, this will make finger detangling a whole lot easier! 

So those are my five simple curly hair tips that can be added to your routine. Say bye to the frizz and hello to hydrated and beautiful hair! 

2 comments on "5 tips for the curly haired gal "
  1. I have curly hair and coconut oil is my holy grail product xo


  2. JBCO is one my fav product ! ^^