New Approaches

I met with photographer Jasmine to play around with different locations, having a great eye for detail she was able to capture a range of different scenery; from railings, grey walls and even your old basic white walls.
The backdrop completely complemented each outfit, which added an artistic flair to the images as a whole.

It is incredible how much of a difference a great background and some lighting can do. To be quite honest with you though, I was really nervous and borderline scared to have Jasmine take pictures of myself, not only because it was my first time having my picture taken by someone new but I thought my nervousness would translate as awkwardness in the pictures.

After the first few awkward snaps my nervousness slowly disappeared, thank God! We literally threw ourselves into the deep end, which was so great about the approach to the pictures. Jasmine’s clear directions brought the creative ideas to life, as she knew exactly how she wanted them to look. It was actually due to her fantastic sense of direction that allowed me to come out of my shell and become more and more confident as the day went by.

Outfit Details

Fur Gilet // Ebay
Cheap and cheerful, the perfect dupe. I love this gilet as it can be thrown over anything. As we're now entering spring it’s a great overall!

Thigh high boots // La Moda
Love love love these boots! Always makes me feel confident and sassy!

Clutch // Topshop
Jasmine kindly let me use her beautiful red clutch bag.

Bag// Zara 
These bags are everywhere. Kind of remind me of the bag version of louboutins. 

Jersey Dress // Miss Selfridge
So comfy and warm! Such a versatile piece, can be worn as a dress or top.

Rings + Earrings // Topshop
These are the only midi rings I have and of course I had to get them from Topshop! Paired with my massive hoop earrings. 

Leather Jacket// Warehouse 
Found in a nightclub cloak room...Cannot believe I just exposed myself haha! 

Khaki Jacket// Diesel 
 Jasmine's lovely jacket! Oh how I wished I owned such a beauty! 

Ultimately, exploring different places and trying out new things can really have an amazing effect on your sense of style, the way it makes you feel and oh yeah your account balance!

So go for it, jump in at the deep end and see where it takes you…

Photos by Jasmine Rose

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  1. Love it!! And you are beautiful!


    1. Thank you Olivia! You're beautiful too, love the blog! :)

  2. That dress is so beautiful with a biker jacket ! I really like it ! It fits you very well !

    And you're beautiful :)

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    1. Thank you so much Tatiana! Love your blog! <3