March Music Faves

March has flown by (just like every month has since the beginning of 2015) and I discovered some new music, which I must say I have rinsed to death! I think it's a habit of mine to play a new song 100x, anyone else do this or is it just me?

Scrolling through Instagram allows you to stumble across a few new things that you may just need in your life. One of these things is Solana Rowe, who goes by the stage name of SZA. Her music, style and hair are the bomb.com!!! If you love smooth and chilled beats you will definitely love this chick. Her sounds are like a breath of fresh air which take you to another level! My absolute faves from her are Babylon, UR and Ice Moon. 
As soon as she starts gigging in London I will make sure I get my hands on one of those tickets. Until that day my headphones will have to do! 

//Lion Babe//
Whilst at work I mistakenly thought one of their songs was a new tune from Willow Smith (don't judge, she has changed her sound a lot recently) 70's soul meets 90's hip - hop is how I would describe duo Lion Babe. Lead vocalist Jillian is both sassy and gorgeous, topped off with her 'lion mane' hair and silk vocals you will definitely remember this gal.
Producer Lucas provides the sick beats which will leave you feeling both chilled and ready to get up on yo feet. The duo provide a new fresh sound and I think 2015 is going to be a great year for them. Be sure to check them out. Trust me, you will have Treat Me Like Fire on replay everyday!

Last but surely not least is Shakka! March faves don't have to just include new discoveries, you gotta show your loves for the old ones too.
Shakka is bae and I just had to include him. From discovering him back in early 2014 on Youtube I have been in love with his music ever since. From the first time you hear his voice I'm sure the same will happen to you. His sound is indescribable as it just takes you to another place. Take Our Time and Sooner Or Later are my absolute faves by him. Luckily enough I got to see him live at the Oslo in  Hackney back in 2014 thanks to my bestie Nimran. The show was amazing and by the end of it I knew my love for this man would grow.

I love discovering new artists as music plays a huge part in my life and I don't know what I would do without it! I stumble across new music almost everyday but these three very different artists have stuck with me.

What music will take you to another level in 2015?

6 comments on "March Music Faves "
  1. It's always fun to discover some new music!
    Thanks for sharing :)


    1. I know right?! Thank you Christina :) x

  2. Love SZA. Have you seen my last post about her ? :)

    I love your blog Alisha ! I don't know we follow each other on GFC and/or Instagram ?
    If we don't, here's my IG ( @hekyma ). I'll follow you back ! :)


    1. Yes! Just checked it out now, it's so good :) I actually need to add GFC to my page as I don't think I have it! Love your blog too! x

  3. This post is so cool! Will check out all these artists for sure!! xoxo