A Day Out In Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a great place to visit if you want a break from the busy high street stores. With a wide range of vintage shops you're bound to find something you like and who doesn't love a good old vintage store…see what I did there?

If you ain't got the dollar honey, it don't matter! One thing my best friend and I realised whilst looking through each shop was, "Wow, this is great for window shopping." Not to say we didn't want to purchase everything in each shop and boy if I had the cash I would, but admiring suited us just fine. 

One shop that really stood out for me was Blitz. The place is huge, it's almost like a factory! Clearly organised into different categories, which I loved, it allowed a smooth shop rather than a jumble sale that you sometimes find in other vintage shops. If you have a clear indication of what you want to purchase, this shop is great as they pretty much sell everything. Blitz were offering a 20% off discount on the day and this pulled me in right away, as I left the shop with an oversized denim shirt and gold loafers. 

An all time favourite has to be Beyond Retro. I heard about the shop when I was 17 and have been in love ever since. Although on the day I didn't purchase anything it's great to just look at the vintage beauties they have on display. 

As well as being great for vintage shops (and hotties) Brick Lane is an awesome place to just simply hang out and have a coffee when a meet up is due. If you're a lover of vinyl records and of course coffee, I would pop into rough trade. With a cute little cafe and a huge selection of records you're in for a treat. 

Shopping and comfort go hand in hand for me and who wants to be uncomfortable whilst shopping? Definitely not me!

Duster Jacket: Asos// White Turtleneck: Asos// Printed Trousers: H&M (Lana Del Rey Collection)

Sandals: Depop// Backpack: La Moda// Socks: Sports Direct

Duster Jacket: Asos// Lee Mom Jeans: Depop// Top: Boohoo 

Bag: Charity Shop// Converses: Simmi Shoes

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  1. those patterned trousers are gorg! X